Monitor the News

We designed our news management system specifically to meet the needs of media relations professionals. It is a robust easy-to-use news management platform that enables subscribers to quickly manage their news, from searching and analyzing news, to distributing the news to their audience.

We monitor thousands of online local, national and worldwide publications including newspapers, TV stations, radio stations, online sites, news wires, and press releases. Being able to monitor people, products, industry, and competitors of interest has never been easier.

We offer tremendous value at a very affordable price. We also offer various packages customized to meet your budget and needs, all for a low fixed monthly fee with no “per-clip” charges.

News Content

  • Search across thousands of online publications across the web including Newspapers, TV Stations, Radio Stations, College publications, Web-only publications, Magazines, and Trade Journals.
  • Monitor for mentions of your organization, people, brands, competition
  • Refine your searches with advanced boolean and proximity searches
  • Save your search agents and update at any time


  • Save and organize your newsclips online in your own personal folders
  • Set your search results to auto-save your search results so you don't miss a thing when you are on vacation.


  • You can tag the tone (or sentiment) of each newsclip such as positive, negative or neutral for analysis and activity reporting.


  • We offer basic circulation data to help you measure the readership reach of your newsclips.

Advertising and Publicity Values

  • Quickly calculate the basic advertising and publicity value of your newsclips.

Email Distribution

  • Easily re-distribute your news clips via email to one person, or a group of people, at the touch of a button

Social Media Sharing

  • Easily share your news clips with your audience on Twitter and Facebook and hundreds of social bookmarks at the click of a button.

Email Newsletter

  • Save hours a day from cutting and pasting. Create and send your own daily email newsletter of pre-selected newsclips customized with your organization�s branding.

Publish Newsclips to Your Website

  • Need quality content for your website? Easily stream your own news clips to your website at the touch of a button


  • We offer various reports and graphs to track and measure your news clip activity.