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The news industry moves faster, reaches farther, and involves more different types of media outlets than ever before. Media Tracking’s public relations tools help PR professionals manage and react to the relentless flow of media coverage worldwide.

Unique news is constantly materializing not only from traditional media sources, but, ever more importantly, from non-traditional media sources such as blogs and online-only publications. Whether you are a PR professional at a large corporation or a small business owner monitoring buzz about your company, given the sheer speed at which news spreads in today’s environments it has never been more imperative to maintain a position on the cusp of pertinent coverage.

Media Tracking enables you to manage your public relations campaigns and monitor brand, product, or service exposure across thousands of traditional and social media outlets. Our solutions help clients identify and target key influencers, monitor and analyze results of campaigns through user-friendly online interfaces, and drive additional traffic and revenue.


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The Council has utilized Mediatracking services since 2007 to gather information from across the country. The variety of news sources is impressive. Just as impressive is the efficient response of the customer support team when presented with questions and suggestions. We have no intentions of shopping for a new news compilation source!

Texas Council of University Presidents and Chancellors

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Media Tracking provided us a solution that was perfect for our needs!

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